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Cody James Ryan
United States
Current Residence: Apalachin
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I haven't written anything in a while. The odd poem here or there for a girl or two perhaps, a couple dozen book poems. But it's been a while since I've sat down and opened a vein. But what is there to write about? Growth. Knowledge, wisdom, compassion, friendship, adventure, passion, love, experience. Looking in the mirror of the self.

It's important to take note of where you are along your path. Pay attention to where you are, where you have come from, and where you are going. It's important to reflect and compare and plan ahead. Making tiny adjustments when needed and sometimes completely changing course. Life changes and you will too. Be open to this and let go to the flow, allow your life to unfold before you.

It's important to take time to reflect and plan but it has it's time and place. Don't drown yourself in anguish over what was, or suffocate in anxiety for what is to come. Be here now and in this moment. There is nothing to worry about right now as you breath, reading the words on this screen. It is important to be fully present in the now, because it is only now when we can make change, when we can take action and change our course. You have no control over the past or present, let go of them and worry about this moment.

Try to learn something new every day, you never know when the information you gather will be of use to you. Ask questions, and search for answers; Don't listen to just one voice. Sometimes the things you learn will help you grow, or will change the way you look at the world. Always check your facts but remember, people once touted that it was fact that the earth was the center of the universe. Don't just learn facts and data either, try to imagine something new; imagine something ridiculous, something wonderful! Imagine the impossible and the improbable.

Art is important. You need art in your life; the art of others and some sort of art yourself. Everyone needs a passion, it is crucial you find yours. Art is beautiful and art makes people beautiful; both on an individual scale and when you consider people as a whole. Art can affect the way you feel and think. Art is an outlet for the true soul that you are, the beautiful river of light beneath your skin. Art comes from the heart, and from passion, and from love and pain and bitterness and joy and sorrow and wonder and imagination. Art is so powerful, the summation of the human experience. Expressed in unique and ever expanding, always changing ways; expressing who we are and defining who we are. Music, writing, dancing, painting, drawing, singing, building, sculpting, photographing, or any other form of art; however you express yourself it is important that you do.

Learn from your past and remember your experiences, but always remain open. Life will always surprise you. Be open to change, this is important. You can't fight change, no matter how hard you try or what you do. You can only prepare for it, be open to it, and learn from it. You'll come across some things in life that are a constant, you'll pick them up and never put them back down. But you'll still change, slowly; and they will change, and the nature of your relationship will sometimes change even if temporarily or by a little bit. Accept these things, it will make it all much easier. Your family is important. Even if you don't get along, love them. Hate them if you must I'm sure your reasons are good but love them as well. Family matters, some people have lost family and others may never have even had them. It's disrespectful to these people if you throw away these relationships that could be healed. Life is hard and people, even family can be awful but we must remember to forgive. Hate is toxic. If you can't mend the relationship then learn from it. You can always learn.

Remember your friends, they are as much your family as those who share your blood. Friends are everything. Recognize the things they do for you and be grateful; and give to them without expectation. Appreciate your friends and treat them with love and respect. Go out of your way for them and show them you care. You don't have to tell them but be sure they know you love them. Sometimes when you least expect it people will be taken from you.

Be kind and compassionate to strangers as well, show people more patience and understanding. I know it's difficult, everyone is a stupid asshole; caring of only themselves. Perhaps we can change our perspective on people. Maybe more people than we realize are decent people just busy or dealing with some heavy shit or maybe they've never had someone be considerate towards them. You could open someone's heart; show awful people kindness as well. Perhaps you'll change their day, and they will be kinder to the next person they meet, maybe not; it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that you continue on regardless of how people react, we need more people to be a light in this world.

Be true to yourself, don't lose your identity to anything. Don't wear a mask and don't try to blend with the crowd, neither one will ever do you any good. Speak your mind and speak the truth, both are extraordinarily powerful and rare. You'll move people & touch their hearts. Be full of passion and spirit, have faith and look for the good in both situations and people. Be unique but don't define yourself trying to stand out. Don't try to be this or that, just allow the true nature of yourself to be.

Seek adventure, go for walks and explore new places. Discover interesting things and blaze fresh paths. It is important to be spontaneous sometimes, even if it's only little things. Take new routes and look in new directions. Expand your horizons and seek out things that you never noticed or never had in your life. Say yes more but always know when to say no. Don't be afraid and don't be timid, death is coming.

Find something in life you are passionate about, and follow that passion. Use it to set your life on fire, this is what is truly important. That which draws you by the heart, the things that call your name. Pursue them despite all odds, and never let them go. Never let your flame die down or go out but instead fuel it often, you'll find yourself in it.

love. Don't go hunting for a lover, you'll meet them because you'll have been together in the heart all along. Let love find and bump into you as you flow with life's currents. If you find someone and it doesn't work out, don't fret; it was a learning experience and you should grow from it. You're just becoming a better 'you' before you find your love. When you find someone, appreciate them for all that they're worth. Show them often how much you care and be open with them. Communication and honesty are key. When you find a lover, above everything else take care of them; be there for them and give them your love freely. Make time for them and listen to them and share with them and play and do new things and explore together and make each others lives more beautiful.

Don't try to change anybody ever, just let them be who they are and just be who you are; this applies to lovers, friends, family and strangers. You can teach people and help them grow but never change who they are. Even if they are wrong, they must walk their own path. To try and get them to do otherwise would be frustrating to both parties. Life will change them, don't worry. Be more aware of nature. Don't just not litter, but look up at the clouds and the stars and the moon. If it's overcast, look around at the trees that give us life. There is always something beautiful. Be more in-tune with the Earth and be sure to take care of it. Clean up what you can and be sure to leave no trace. This is the only Earth we get and mother Gaea has treated us well so far, it's only fair we return the favor. We are deeply connected with our planet and nature, we must be sure never to forget this.

Have your own experience and live your own life. Listen to others and consider what they say but be sure that you build yourself. Incorporate bits and pieces from everywhere but be true to your own self.

Perhaps most importantly is to love yourself, or to learn to love yourself. You have to be happy with you who are, because that's who you'll wake up with for the rest of your life. Take care of yourself, and if you insist on some bad habits it doesn't mean you still can't be mindful of your health. Try to minimize the damage done to your body, there is plenty of unavoidable toxins in our lives already without adding more. Be informed and be conscious of your health, and what you're doing with your body. Try to stay active and fit, even if only a little. Reduce stress in your life & worry less, it's important that you smile and laugh more. If you aren't happy, figure out why and address the issue. Doing nothing and waiting wont change anything and it won't help you. Be kinder and more gentle to yourself, don't always be so over-critical. People make mistakes and you're no exception, you're still learning and growing. You are inherently beautiful, recognize and accept this. Show yourself more compassion and give yourself more reasons to smile.

Be sure to learn & grow, to smile & laugh, to love & forgive, to play & explore. Follow your heart and shine your light. Help make the world more beautiful.

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